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One of the most valuable lessons we've learned in working exclusively in the detailing space for a few years now is that it doesn't matter how many leads or sales opportunities you get if you or your team does not have a sharpened sales skill set. Many detailers are used to referrals and word of mouth for business. While this is great, it can sometimes create a false sense of sales skillset in feeling that you are closing deals when the reality is these people are highly likely to buy already as it is since they are coming from friends and family. 

Being able to turn cold, warm, and hot leads ALL into paying customers is a skill set, if not the biggest skill set, that will drastically change everything in your business. Here at Vexa, we teach you not only sales but human psychology as well and how the words we use, the order we use them, and tonality all can make a significant difference. We teach you and your team how to build trust and rapport, communicate effectively, and handle objections to increase your conversion rate with any and all leads and to skyrocket your overall sales.

Have a big shop with a sales team? Our tool and systems allow you and us both to monitor your sales team to ensure they are performing at the highest possible standard. At this level, we help you tighten up your sales systems so that the model can be streamline, duplicated, and scaled should you wish to grow your team further or expand to multiple locations.

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