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Google Ads are highly effective at getting your business in front of hot inbound traffic searching for what you have to offer. Search ads focus on keywords that your prospective buyers might be searching online to find your product or service. With search ads, your business is presented at the very top of the page, bypassing all the organic listings, giving you the highest opportunity of winning the traffic of that user. Our team focuses on the highest search volume of keywords related to your detailing business so that your ads are shown to the hottest group of online users seeking to buy what it is you have to offer. Through our ongoing optimization process, we strive to generate the largest return on ad spend for you making your ads highly profitable and predictable in generating revenue. 

Display Ads as hosted by Google are more of an outbound advertising approach targeting warm prospective buyers of your product or service based on a variety of factors including their demographics, search history, and more. Display ads allow you to target internet users who have been recently searching for or browsing things closely related or relevant to what you offer. Display ads are available in many shapes, sizes, and forms and can include still images, slideshows, and even videos. 


One of our personal favorite approaches with display ads is setting up your ads to target your competitors' website traffic. By taking advantage of the opportunity to target a hot prospect, we provide you with tactics and services to win that prospect over should your competitor be lacking in their methods, which the majority are.


Display ads are also effective at re-targeting your own site visitors to get back in front of a prospective buyer who may be on the fence or simply need to be exposed to your brand multiple times before becoming a customer.  Think for yourself a minute about a time you recently bought something online. More than likely the first time you saw that product or service, you checked it out but did not buy it just yet. However, as that company began to get that item of interest in front of your face more and more, your interest grew and eventually you justified making the purchase. The follow-up/re-targeting is where the sale is often won and Google Display Ads in conjunction with our other re-marketing strategies are a great way to facilitate that process. 

Youtube Ads are hosted out of Google Ads manager and delivered on the Youtube Platform. Youtube ads are of course in video format and target viewers in a similar nature described above by targeting various search criteria the viewer has performed either on the web or through the Youtube platform. Youtube ads are another great option to get in front of users engaging on the platform who may be prospective buyers of what you have to offer. Youtube ads are also a great "Top of Funnel" ad approach by initially getting in front of a viewer on Youtube and then re-marketing to them across other platforms.

Want To See Our Current Google Ad Results In Real-Time? Book a Call With Our Team Today and See REAL and CURRENT client data. See How Google Ads Paired with the Rest of Our Systems Can Work For You.

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