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Helping You Grow your Detailing Business the Smart Way Utilizing Sales Systems and Data to Drive Results



At Vexa Digital, we are a dynamic team of 8 on a mission to change the agency landscape by providing superior client relationships, timely & effective communication, and leveraging our burning desire as people to help others in this world by channeling it into helping Detailers grow and scale their business.

Our company was founded a few years ago when we began to notice a large disconnect between Detailing Businesses and their ability to effectively utilize and maximize social media advertising as well as the vast range of other marketing tools, software, and platforms available to them. We discovered that many Detailers were and are heavily dependent upon referrals, lack systems and methods to yield and project growth, and have no strategy or way to measure outcomes from the efforts being made. However, much of it isn't their fault. Most Detailers simply lack education in, or awareness of, the tools, platforms, and systems that can unlock their business to grow at a much faster, more predictable, and sustainable rate.

To this day, we have helped over 100 Detailing Business Owners. Our systems, our results, and our community have evolved tremendously in the process and continue to do so. We've helped several shops break into 7 Figures in Annual Revenue and countless others break into 6 and Multiple 6 Figures. Our switch to equal emphasis on Sales Coaching and Consulting as much as Marketing, Advertising, and System implementation has been a complete game-changer for our clients. Our clients are seeing results faster than ever and developing skillsets that not only benefit them in their Detail Business but in their life as a whole. We are big on ensuring client success. We have two designated Client Success Managers whose sole focus is to ensure our clients are successful in partnering with us. Our Success Managers listen to calls, analyze conversations, provide resources and feedback where necessary, and streamline the path to success. Our Success Managers have sold High-Ticket in the Detailing space themselves and are High-Ticket Detailing Sales Experts.


We believe in what we do because we know it works. For those who qualify, we want to make our services are as much of a no-brainer as possible by removing all of the risk. Plus if you've worked with an agency before, we want the opportunity to change the narrative of how you perceive marketing agencies by giving you the opportunity to work with a team of experts who are truly invested in wanting you to succeed.


We don't take your leads hostage, we're not trying to close your deals with a call center in India, we don't sneakily take full control of your assets, we don't stink at communication, and last but not least, we deliver on what we're here to do.

If that's something you are interested in learning more about, fill out our contact form or book a call with out Team Today!

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Our services focus on the areas that are going to move the needle and propel your business forward. We develop an individualized service approach that is specifically designed for you and your needs. By focusing on your specific needs, we ensure delivery of what you need most to generate results enabling you to grow and scale while maximizing your return on investment. Our combination of Marketing & Advertising systems paired with Sales Coaching & Consulting will elevate your business into new territory.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Whether looking to create more brand awareness or generate leads for your Detailing Business, Facebook & Instagram are both very powerful advertising platforms that can help rapidly grow and scale your business when utilized properly and effectively.


SMS & Email Marketing

Reach your customers like never before with two-way text message marketing. Text message marketing has the highest open rate of any form of marketing outreach. Send text & email blasts often to stay in front of your leads and customers.


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Sales Coaching & Consulting

Our Sales Coaching and Consulting may be the most valuable service we provide. Generating leads and creating sales opportunities means nothing if you don't have a dialed in sales skillset and dialed in sales team.


Automation Systems

Automation systems are developed to save save time, improve efficiency, and increase overall performance of operations within your business. Our automation systems are highly effective at driving sales, streamlining communication, nurturing leads, and increasing the overall lifetime value of your customers.


Google & Youtube Ads

Put your business front and center of potential customers searching keywords related to your business and services. There is hot market share looking for what you have to offer every day. Capitalize on it with Google Ads.


Reporting & Tracking

Modern Day Marketing Systems are backed with highly valuable data points enabling us to make efficient and effective decisions that drive results. Stay in the know with transparent data tracking and reporting so you can see clearly the status and health of the work executed for your business.

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We take pride in our clients and treat their business as if it were our own. We seek long-term relationships with our clients becoming their trusted source in helping them navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing.  We value the partnership that is developed and find satisfaction in working together to achieve growth-oriented goals. Some of our clients are listed below.



Zippy Klean Auto Detailing 

$250K Annual Rev. in 2020

$988K Annual Rev. in 2021

Our partnership with Zippy Klean began in April of 2021. Through aggressive construction of Marketing + Sales systems together, Vexa was able to play a big role in Zippy Klean's massive success in 2021.


Platinum Auto Detailers

1500sqft Shop 2018 - 2022

7800sqft Shop Feb. 2022

Platinum Auto Detailers has been with us for 2+ Years. A cool moment for all of us to start the year was seeing them move into their massive new shop just outside of Cleveland, OH.


Northern Lights Auto Detailing

$15K August 2021

$40K November 2021

Northern Lights was able to add $25K extra monthly revenue to their business in just a few months. To this day, they continue to add an extra 20K to 30K/month off of their partnership with our team.


Limitless Marine and Auto Professional Detailing

$30,000+ in New Business in first 45 Days

Limitless Marine was able to add $30K in new business in the first 45 Days of our partnership. Which they did in December, the middle of winter, with snow on the ground and boating most likely the last thing people's minds











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Northern Lights Auto Detailing

Steven R.

"I own Northern Lights Auto Detailing down in Guyton Georgia and have been gaining steam since I opened my doors over a year ago but I felt like I could do more. One day I got an email from Vexa Digital talking about a marketing opportunity to help increase my online presence and at first I thought it was a scam. My wife did some digging and told me she thinks I should give them a chance so I did.

Within a week or so after the initial conversation with Vexa Digital I was partnered up with them and we got to work on making my company stronger when it comes to marketing and efficiently managing ceramic and graphene customers. After some brainstorming and discussions we went live with the campaign and I IMMEDIATELY noticed a huge difference in the quality of my leads. Within the first 4 days I already had a few ceramic customers which already paid for Vexa Digital's services. I am very pleased to announce that after a full month of working with them I have doubled my ceramic/graphene revenue and am excited for the future.

If you are on the fence about working with Vexa just take the jump. If you want success and are willing to out the work in you will totally benefit from their services.

10/10 would recommend"


ZJ Detailing

Zach J.

"Vexa Digital..

Where do I even begin? If your looking for a professional and well driven oil machine. This is your digital marketing company to go to.

I own a professional auto detailing business in the sticks in Ohio. Our closest city is Dayton, OH and is 45 minutes away.

With Luke managing my ads from Facebook, Instagram and Google. We have continued to break new records for the last 2 months.

Before Luke and his team at Vexa took over we were doing $8-$10K per month with organic leads. With Vexa Digital we were able to take it to $20k+ gross sales per month.

Its well worth the investment and headache per month to pay someone that knows what they are doing. My responsibility of just answering the phone and scheduling is well worth the time saved.

Make the best decision and level up by choosing Vexa Digital for all your marketing needs. Don't miss out on this awesome company.

Anytime I have a question or just want to learn, Luke will send me a video and explain to me what he is doing and how he does it.

The amount of VALUE that is provided by this company out weighs the price, every single day."

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Southern Shine Auto Detailers

Thomas F.

"The team at Vexa has been outstanding to work with, definitely thankful I found them when I did! With their help, not only have I stopped wasting money on ad campaigns that didn't deliver results, but I have nearly DOUBLED my monthly revenue and on track to easily break 6 figures in my first year in business.

The team truly cares about success, and makes a point to have a personal relationship with their clients. I talk to someone nearly every day of the week, and they are quick to respond with helpful tips or to answer any questions I have.

If you care about your detailing business and are willing to put in the effort, because there's is definitely effort on our part as well, they will explode your business and take you to levels you wouldn't have made it to otherwise. I average 30-40 QUALITY LEADS per month for Ceramic Coatings, and being a one man show I STAY BOOKED!

Look no further for a Digital marketing agency that specializes in the auto detailing industry!"

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Let us know how we can help!
Contact us and see if a partnership with our team is right for your business.


201 W 5th St

STE 1100, Office 52

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 866-0599

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